About Us

We are a family owned boutique fudge making business in country Victoria.  With 4 generations of food manufacturing in our blood we are bringing to you our wealth of experience and knowledge through our beautiful flavours of handmade fudge.

Our history of food manufacturing dates back to the 1900’s in Marlborough, New Zealand.  A young man in Christchurch had a dream, he wanted to become a Baker and make the best fresh bread.  He made a long journey on his pushbike from Christchurch to Blenheim , this took him many days on a narrow dirt windy road approx. 350kms. He came across a Baker in Blenheim who wanted to sell his bakery, this young man made an arrangement to come back some months later as he knew he needed to work hard to get enough money to buy the bakery.  He managed to find some work 20kms out of Blenheim where a New Zealand iconic bridge was being built, this bridge was the only bridge in New Zealand to carry both train and cars, trains on top and cars underneath. This bridge Awatere Bridge was decommissioned for vehicles in the last few years, to this day it still carries the trains.

About Us


Finally the young man had his bag of money he had been saving while working and it was time to go and purchase that bakery he had been dreaming of for many months.  He made the trip again by bike into Blenheim, he was praying all the way that the man was still wanting to sell his bakery. He parked his bike went through the front door of the bakery and dropped the bag of money on the counter and said do you still want to sell your bakery, the man said yes I don’t go back on my word, the bakery is now yours!

The bakery was a success and made the best bread in Blenheim, over the years this young man fell in love, married and had a family.  As years went on his eldest son came into the business and took it on.  Many of the older generation would remember the generosity of this man, in the depression he made sure that everyone had a loaf of bread and did not expect payment for this, he knew that these families needed bread to keep them going.  The business thrived and became a large bakery employing many people including 5 more sons from the 3rd generation.  In 1960’s this bakery was sold to the Goodman Fielder Group who in the 1980’s eventually moved this to another city in New Zealand. 

The 3rd generation of boys then went their separate ways, the eldest and youngest staying in the Food Industry.  The youngest went on and started a very successful distributing business of cakes and confectionery and then years later sold this and went into manufacturing pavlovas which is still a thriving business today.  The eldest son started up a confectionery making business producing hard candy, making candy canes and the old fashioned lollipops. During this time the 4th generation of sons came into the business, in the early 1980’s they sold this very successful business to a company who sadly to say could not run this and closed this up a few short years later.

The eldest son in the 4th generation eventually found a confectionery making business in the 1990’s in the North Island making Jubes, Jellies & Marshmallows and moved it to Blenheim where over the years took this business of 2 staff doing it by hand to a partly automated factory employing 30 staff.  Over the years the business grew and his 3 daughters came into the business, it was producing approx. 4 tonne of product eg: wine gums, jubes, marshmallows, pineapple lumps, marshmallow Easter Eggs.  The business was sold to one of their largest customers in 2000.  Sadly in 2006 this company had to close down so the old company purchased the machinery back and started up again and produced all the old product lines they use to.  They became a very well-known brand in New Zealand supplying the Supermarkets throughout the country and The Warehouse Stores where they supplied  them a lot of product including Easter Eggs.  Their Easter Eggs were voted “The Best Chocolate Marshmallow Easter Eggs” in 2010. They also supplied products under contract to a very well-known and iconic Australian company, Darryl Lea.  Eventually this business was sold and the owners moved to Australia.

Since moving to Australia and working in different industries the eldest daughter of the 5th generation has decided to put her wealth of knowledge, expertise into starting up a boutique fudge making business, with the help of her Father.  Charlotte Piper now brings you the most beautiful creamy handmade fudge you would wish for and stay tuned cos there is more dreams products she would like to be able to bring you!