Easy ways to enjoy your Charlotte Piper Fudge even more

This is your glorious moment. It’s time to eat your favourite fudge do you know how to make the most of it? We're giving you these tips so you can enjoy your Fudge even more. These simple ways will also make you go crazy and crave some more fudge. 
1. Let it cool. Our fudge does not melt but if it happens to be an extreme hot day when you received it, it could be soft. The best way is to put it straight into a fridge for an hour without undoing the package when you receive it.
2. Clear your mouth. Have you just eaten anything before getting your fudge? Take a glass of water to clear any residual flavours in your mouth. 
3. The Divine Smell. It’s time to eat. I know you are excited and can’t wait to take a bite but give a few seconds for this. Slowly unpack your fudge box and voila! Do you love that yummy smell? Take a piece of your fudge closer to your nose while closing your eyes. What a sweet indulgence to enjoy!
4. Cut it into small pieces. Slice your bar of fudge into thin bite size pieces. Not only you will enjoy it longer but every small piece can be easily swallowed into your mouth. Let the fudge sit on your tongue, move it around until it melts. Ohhh… so delicious!
5. Use your hands. One of the best feelings is when you can eat with your bare hands.  Remember the days when you are still a kid and mom spoils you with lollies? Alright! Sky is the limit, grab the fudge slices with your fingers and indulge. 
6. Let’s Drink and Indulge. Your favourite bars are great to match with a hot or cold drinks. Grab your favourite coffee or tea in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening while you chill. 
7. Don’t forget to share. Making delicious memories is a fun combination of fudge, your favourite drink and your fudge buddy. Enjoy your fudge bites with your favourite person and share the best stories for an ultimate Fudge Experience.
Have we missed a tip? Share it with us and comment below.