Feel the magic with the New Unicorn Fudge

Everyone is talking about Unicorns. Cute horns, pastel colours and rainbows — it's everywhere these days! You'll find decorated mugs, sleepwear, lunch boxes, shirts and even tatoos and now...it's on a Fudge! Yes, that's right. Charlotte Piper is proud to bring you our very own Magical and Delicious version of Unicorn Fudge. 

Unicorn Fudge

You will surely love the heavenly bright and colour of our newest flavour. A divine mix of vanilla and swirled with bubblegum, topped with 100's and 1000's, mini marshmallows. 

Many of our customers who enjoyed the newest flavour shared their snaps, post and video with us on Facebook and Instagram. We've collected a few of what we've got for you to look at and see why they want more of our Unicorn Fudge. In addition to this, we are overwhelmed with people's likes, reactions and comments for every post shared. 

Tara Marsh post

Katie Munroe

Melanie McKinnis


Erica Pala

Kezos Kormez


Our fudge is not just for adults it's a perfect way to spoil children too.

Check out this little girl who enjoys our fudge while listening to her favourite nursery rhymes.

Perfect way to chill. This little sweetie is enjoying her fudge.

This is the perfect chill. This little cutie is enjoying her Unicorn Fudge while listening with her favourite nursery rhymes. lol

Posted by Charlotte Piper on Friday, December 22, 2017

They have felt the magic of the Unicorn Fudge, don't miss out! Go get yourself a Fresh Handmade Fudge.