Charlotte Piper turns 2 this September 2019…

Date Posted:14 September 2019 

Two years of delicious goodness!

Charlotte Piper will be celebrating its birthday this month. This Local Australian Chocolate and Sweet Temptations online store will turn 2 this year.

Amazing Giveaways, great deals, and surprises wait for all customers and loyal followers and supporters.

Charlotte Piper would like to thank everyone who has continuously joined all competitions, events, sale days, product launching and more!

A Look back from where we started…

Back in 2017, Charlotte Piper under Harford House Pty. Ltd started to launch its very own Fresh Handmade Fudge Flavours. There were 22 exciting flavours namely: Baileys, Baileys and Chocolate, Butterscotch, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Chocolate Ginger, Chocolate Mint Swirl , Lemon, Rocky Road, Rum & Raisin, Vanilla Bean, Bavarian Raspberry Chocolate, Chocolate & Caramel Swirl, Coffee Caramel, Jam Donut, Passionfruit, Raspberries and Cream, Russian, Sticky Date Caramel, Strawberries and Cream, Tiramisu, Trio- Chocolate, Caramel and Vanilla. 

Charlotte Piper actively joined local Food Events and markets within Australia from 2017 to 2019. Most Popular events were Good Food and Wine Show, Cake Bake and Sweets Show, Fantastic Food + Drink,

Swan Hill Christmas Twilight Market and Murrabit Country Market.

Charlotte Piper has been there with you all year round in every season and celebrations: New Year, Valentine’s, Mum’s Day, Dad’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas with great surprises and giveaways.

Great changes happened too in 2018 when Charlotte Piper finally included new ranges of products to its customers including Chocolates (available in Milk, White, and Dark) in very cute shapes perfect for all occasions, Lollies (including soft jellies and gummies, hard-boiled candies) and  Ultimate and Treat Boxes for all ages.


Charlotte Piper is also an active participant of seasonal and great sales like Afteryay, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and more. With the massive change in their product lines, in late 2018, the company finally transferred to a bigger and better factory in Kerang and for a limited time in November to December, the local factory store opened and displayed Christmas items to its customers.


Looking forward to more exciting things this year and years ahead


Just this June 2019, Charlotte Piper’s Facebook page @charlottepiperoz, just reached 6000 LIKES/FOLLOWERS. The VIP group continues to grow as well with very active and supportive members.


Giveaways and treats also await our Top Fans, Anniversary and Milestone Followers.


Over the past two years, we’ve got amazing reviews and shoot-out posts from our customers and we are deeply pleased with their response to our products and services.

Our Birthday Surprise

Charlotte Piper has prepared for this celebration. Great affordable deals and prizes to be given away!

Thank you for your untiring support and we hope to see you in all our birthdays to come!


PS. Something big is about to come, stay tuned and keep an eye on our announcements! ;)